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Cupcakeology was founded by my husband, Robert, and I. I have been baking from scratch since I was 9 years old. I started selling pound cakes at local bake sales, to my neighbors and my aunts co-workers. Everyone was hooked! Although it was fun, I stopped to play sports and other school activities. Robert has the commercial bakery experience from his past positions as a kitchen manager at Old Country Buffet and as a bakery manager at Perkins. With our combined skills, we are sure to bring you the best and most flavorful cupcakes ever!

How we came up with the name Cupcakeology you ask? In the English language, the suffix -ology means the study of something and the root is always a noun. Therefore, our business is the study of cupcakes! We have studied and experimented with different ingredients that make up a cupcake and finally came up with the exact key ingredients to concoct a super moist and flavorful cupcake. Robert & I agree that a cupcake should not only look good but the taste needs to be superb and it needs to be an exact match to every cupcake lover and non-cupcake lover's taste buds. Once that is accomplished, the rest is, well...a piece of cupcake!!!

Cupcakeology offers an assortment of very moist, all natural & flavorful cupcakes for any occasion or if you just want to satisfy your sweet tooth. All of our cupcakes are made with buttermilk which gives them a tender, moist and super flavorful texture and taste which is enhanced with pure vanilla from the Bourbon Islands of Madagascar. We offer a variety of interesting flavor combinations such as: Pina Colada, Maple & Bacon, French Toast and Peanut Butter Cup cupcakes to name a few. Our cupcakes have been said and proven to be the BEST tasting cupcakes EVER!

- Jennifer Morris

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